The finished Tartan pants

Custom Work: Men’s Tartan Pants

An article by David. Last updated October 13, 2018

It all started with a friend, a family Tartan, and a two hundred-year-old pattern from Scotland. The pattern wasn’t like a craft-store pattern either. This pattern was a drawing of an original pair of pants that were popular in the Renaissance. For one reason or another, this style of pants left popular fashion a long time ago. With that, they fell out of mind for, well, everyone. At some point in more recent history, a historian found a pair of them and drew a diagram with some brief notes.

Along with the pattern came this beautiful Tartan wool fabric.

Tartan fabric for an pair of renaissance pants

After a bit of work figuring out how the pants should come together, Kerry got to work on the cutting and sewing. The end result is a pair of pants accurate to the era. They’re also comfortable for daily wear in reenactments and renaissance festivals.

The finished Tartan pants

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